Natalie Dunbar

Harlequin | Silhouette Bombshell January 2006
ISBN 0373513291

Vanessa Dawson, real estate heiress and former supermode, is also a member of the Gotham Rose undercover organization. Members receive official training and support that enables them to use their skills and connections to help various government organizations bring down criminals. Two models have been brutally murdered in Miami and the government suspects that they were murdered by a gang using models to smuggle drugs into the country. Can Vanessa get over her hidden past enough to take on a modeling assignment to help the DEA bring down the bad guys?

Reviews of A Model Spy

Those who fondly remember the TV series "Miami Vice" with its pulsing background music and glorious cops in beautiful settings are sure to enjoy the similar mood Dunbar creates in "A Model Spy" seriously entertaining, fast-paced, edgy romance.
Dolly Moiseeff, The Oakland Press

A MODEL SPY is a great read, with a spicy cast of characters and enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat.
Elissa Kyle, Romance Readers Connection

Welcome to the glittering world of the rich and famous, seen through the eyes of A MODEL SPY. Vanessa has overcome her cocaine addiction, but for the first time she is going to be truly tested. A compelling tale, A MODEL SPY is sure to please.
Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

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