Natalie Dunbar

Leaning forward, she put an eye to the brass covered peephole and drew back in amazement. Ramón paced back and forth under the bright porch lights, his handsome face twisted with frustration. He was still dressed for work in his charcoal gray business suit. Was she still dreaming? Gasping softly, Mariah turned the locks with shaking fingers. She'd been given another chance. Relief and joy bubbled up from the depths of her soul as she wrenched the door open in excitement. "Ramón!" Ramón tugged the screen door open and they fell into each other's arms.

Mariah McCleary, attractive twenty-eight year old owner/manager of McCleary Models, Inc. wants to generate enough income to buy a new location on the Detroit River for the agency she's inherited. Having lost everyone she's ever loved, she cares deeply for her flirtatious best friend, Ramón Richards. This contributes to Mariah's fear of losing him as a friend if she gives in to their mutual attraction.

Best of Friends Reviews

"A talented writer, Natalie Dunbar creates a realistic portrayal of the ups and downs of a friendship evolving into the emotional and physical intimacy shared by lovers..."
Romantic Times

"Ms. Dunbar is at her best when she delves into the minds of her character exposing their internal conflicts, and it is her look into Ramón's very soul that makes him the fascinating character he is. There are moments of agony when Ms. Dunbar lays Ramón naked before the reader, and we are forced to see the sensitive, vulnerable but proud man. As a male reader, I can't help but feel Ramón's torture and his pain..."
Wayne Jordan, Romance in Color

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