Natalie Dunbar

Genesis Press Indigo, June 2002

Nikita is heartsick as she watches her best friend walk down the aisle toward the man she loves. Through a shocking turn of events, Nikita finds herself on the honeymoon cruise with the groom, but she's not his bride and their friendship is Everything but Love. When Michael has an accident on board the ship, she takes a chance to make all her dreams come true.

Everything But Love Reviews

"EVERYTHING BUT LOVE is a fast, entertaining series-style romance with well-defined, likable characters. It has great sexual tension and warm, sensuous love scenes--and enough internal and external conflict to hold a reader's interest and tug a few heartstrings."
Jane Bowers, Romantic Times

"Ms. Dunbar is at her best when she delves into the minds of her character exposing their internal conflicts, and it is her look into Ramón's very soul that makes him the fascinating character he is. There are moments of agony when Ms. Dunbar lays Ramón naked before the reader, and we are forced to see the sensitive, vulnerable but proud man. As a male reader, I can't help but feel Ramón's torture and his pain..."
Wayne Jordan, Romance in Color

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