Natalie Dunbar

Dana Lorayne Publishing December 2015

Not the human she pretended to be, Kayra Madison ended her undercover assignment in the research lab by having an affair and falling in love with Ethan, enemy alien and world renowned genius and expert in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. What's more, Kayra is pregnant! And how could that be when both their races have damaged DNA from the trip to earth and despite both races' ability to live three hundred years, very few children have been born? Kayra has possibilities, including that fact that she is not even who she thought she was, but no answers. She and Ethan run from both races and their lives and that of their unborn child are at risk. As they try to escape to a safe haven where they can be together and have their baby, they can only hope to avoid their pursuers and discover enough about themselves and both their races before it is too late.